6 things I learned about myself after becoming a parent 

Balancing a newborn and 19 month old has its challenges with out a doubt. It’s been just over two weeks and I’ve already learned a lot about myself. Please realize that these are not suggestions or advice… If you have to pee, go!

I can hold it a really long time.  After my first, sneezes became scary. Running would mean leaking for sure. Now with two natural births under my belt, I was positive that going from sitting to standing would mean a little pee accident. Turns out, if I have to go, but Nora needs a nap, Sloane needs to eat, laundry needs to be switched, and I need to eat, l can hold it for hours! As someone with a bladder the size of a peanut, this is huge!

I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. I used to need 20-30 minutes of phone time in bed, then old episodes of Friends to fall asleep. Now, I’ve fallen asleep sitting, while breastfeeding, mid-conversation, mid-meal. Don’t think this is because Sloane is up all night crying. She barely cries. Plus, she knows how much mama loves sleep, so she will stack up meals from 7-9pm and then sleep for 6 hours straight! Every night!

The bond my daughters have melts my heart every day. Explaining to a one year old that she’ll have a baby sister in a couple months is pointless. We started telling Nora with a couple weeks left in my pregnancy. From the minute they met, Sloane was Nora’s girl. Daily snuggles in Sloane’s rocker, making sure she’s ok when she cries, nose beeper, pacifier tester, and forehead kisser are just a few of the things that I hope keep them close for many years.

Getting out of the house alone sucks. We had our first outing alone the other day. With a goal to leave the house by 9:30am, I made it happen, but it’s going to take practice. Packing a diaper bag for two, getting dressed in shifts, and everyone fed was a challenge. An even bigger one was the walk from the house to the car. This was the first time that I actually wished our garage was attached. What I had in tow was a diaper bag (back pack), infant carrier, toddler clinging like a monkey, purse, toddler juice and snack cups, and somehow had to lock the door behind me. I think this portion of our journey took longer than the actual journey.

Mama bear instincts are strong. Turns out, I do have eyes in the back of my head. Ryan and Nora have been partners in crime lately, but I am aware of every cry, scrape, or bump. I can now cuddle a toddler while she’s upset and breastfeed at the same time without losing a latch or seeing an extra tear.

The ability to tune out kids shows developed overnight.  Nora has always bounced around between liking Sheriff Callie or Bubble Guppies, but lately it’s ridiculously annoying YouTube videos of wide-eyed women singing nursery rhymes. She loves them. She follows along, figures out the hand motions, and wants her favorite 7 or 8 on repeat all day long. I have learned to not hear said videos. Wheels on the Bus for the 5th time in a row? You got it!

What new thing did you learn about yourself after becoming a parent?


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  • Isn’t it so great to see the instant bond your kids have? I was so amazed by that! I’m so happy for you guys! 🙂
    My daughters love those YouTube videos and I want to throw the iPad out the window when I hear those voices! But they both got headphones for Xmas. Best $10 ever spent. 🙂

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    This is so cute!

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