A Baby’s Best Friend

Before Nora was born, we had our rescue Boston Terrier mix Lenny Leonard (named after the Simpsons character). He was a great, loving dog IMG_6794(1)from day 1. He also knew that Allison was pregnant before we even knew because he laid and incubated her belly for 2 days before she took the home test.  When we were getting closer to the actual due date, we started looking into how to introduce dogs to new babies, since we weren’t sure how he would be around kids, let alone a newborn baby. One suggestions was to take items that the new baby wore after birth, and bring them home for the dog to smell.  This was probably the best advice that we read and actually tried.

So IMG_1322when it was time to come home, we were nervous to see how Lenny was going to be, but he was ABSOLUTELY in love from the minute we brought her in the house.

Nora and Lenny were inseparable and still are. We were no longer the owners of Lenny, Nora was. He lets her do whatever she wants to him (like pulling on his ears and taking toys out of his mouth). Nora loves her dog so much that last summer, Allison and I decided it would be a good idea to get another dog, Carl Carlson (yes, also from the Simpsons). If possible, when we brought Carl home, Nora loved him even more.

I don’t know if this is true of all little girls, but ours has become totally obsessed with her dogs – all dogs actually.  Several times we’ve caught her saying ‘dog’ in her sleep, or waking herself up saying it.  The first thing she says when she wakes up in the morning is ‘dog’ and she has to include them in her bed-time routine every night. Nora even had her first belly laugh watching Lenny run around the house.

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