B Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube One Minute Review

Please see the video above for our 1 minute YouTube review of the B Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube.  Below are further details about the activity cube.


The B Zany Zoo Wooden activity cube, per the manufacturer B. Toys, is meant for toddlers ages 1 to 3 years old and is approximately 14″ wide, 14″ long, and about 18″ in height.

The cube features one side with spinning alphabet squares with corresponding cartoon animals, another side with doors/windows that open and close to reveal animals, a third side with zig zag race paths for three wooden circles to travel up & down, and a fourth side with spinners that allow you to try to match or create silly mismatches of the tops & bottoms of animals.  The top of the cube features multiple bead roller coasters and animals that you can push along paths.

The cube is definitely solid in construction and made with quality craftsmanship.  I have enough basic woodworking experience to know that this was designed thoughtfully and skillfully.  A safety feature that I like is the sanded down corners on the top of the cube to remove sharp edges.  Another feature that is great is that it is so easy to wipe down and clean in the case of any spills, crumbs or other messiness that naturally come hand in hand with your child’s play time.  The bright colors are a plus and make the toy that much more eye-catching and fun for my son.  Another random perk is that my son is just starting to walk and take steps on his own; the height of the cube allows him to use it as a way to balance or prop himself up.  He almost uses it as home base or a launching pad to practice taking a few steps or to take a break.

Thus far, the variety of games and activities the different sides of the cube offers has entertained my son a great deal.  I hope that as he continues to develop and grow, he will begin to recognize and understand the different animals and start learning his ABC’s!  I am definitely happy with the purchase and give the B Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube the Diaper Daily seal of approval.

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The price of the activity cube varies greatly depending on where you purchase it, I’ve seen prices as high as $100.  But, we luckily found our B Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube from Target for about $59.99.  If you are interested in ordering this from Target, please support The Diaper Daily team by clicking the Target affiliate links below to purchase it (or other toys from the B. Toy Collection, or anything else) which will give us a small commission.  Thank you!  Stay tuned for more videos!

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