First night alone…

Tonight was my first night alone with both girls (oh by the way, Sloane was born exactly 3 weeks ago).

Dinner went well, Nora actually ate which is something she hasn’t done a lot of recently. Then I ask her if she wants to take a bath. She runs up the stairs like usual while I carry Sloane. We get up stairs and swear this kid turns into a tiny little monster.

She throws herself on the ground and starts screaming “NOOOOOOOO.” I turn on the bath and she stops crying to come look. She asks me to be picked up which of course I do. Then she decides to try to tear my ear off and bite me in the shoulder.

Just as we’re about to finally get in the tub, I get a call from Evanston Hospital; better see who this is. It’s my dad. He’s in the ER because he cut his head open and needed stitches. This is the exact time that Nora decides it would be a good idea to pour 52oz of flavored water onto our freshly cleaned carpets…seriously the guys were here on Monday.

Anyway, both kids are now asleep and I’m waiting for Allison to get home with my Chipotle treat!

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