Go to sleep! 

Maybe it’s the soft mattress, maybe I’m starting to hate sleeping on my side, maybe it’s the anticipation of our busiest weekend of the year, or maybe it’s the accidental caffeine at 6pm that’s keeping me awake at 1am. I have always been a good sleeper! This is so frustrating because I’m going to be so screwed tomorrow. It’s the last paid day before my “maternity leave” and it also happens to be the second birthday of one of the two girls I watch. I know it’s going to be a day full of sugar highs, short naps, and tantrums.

“We have Pepsi products, so what can I get you to drink?”

“Pepsi? I’ll have an iced tea.” Diet Coke forever!

Mama, eat it.

We took Nora to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. Something we almost never do. We were running errands as a family and it was dinner time, so we stopped. Taking an 18 month old to a restaurant sucks. We knew to pick out her food and order it right away. $6 mac and cheese that wasn’t touched. However, she did enjoy smashing crayons on the table and dipping her own snacks in cups of ranch then trying to feed them to us. I barely remember tasting my food because I ate so fast. I threw back two of those iced teas before I realized that they tasted exactly like the tea I used to drink when I worked at a country club in college. The very same tea that would keep me up until the morning light. Not even on purpose. Laying in bed staring into the darkness kind of awake.

So that’s where I’m at now. Listening to the white noise through the monitor, trying to be as silent as possible next to my sleeping husband and two dogs, not sleeping. The other night I moved to the couch because I was over heating. Tonight, caffeine overdose.

Ryan has to be at work tomorrow at the time I normally wake up. Those mornings are the worst! Nora will only want her dada, the dogs will be all thrown off. I will have to get ready before he leaves so that I don’t have to try and juggle Nora and a toothbrush. Ugh! Ok just close your eyes… Go to sleep! Now is not the time to go to the basement and find a suitable hospital bag. Definitely not the time to worry about how Nora will do on carnival rides this weekend, or if fireworks will scare her, or if we should let her stay up super late so that we don’t have to end our night separately.

1…2…3. Bed time.

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