It Finally Happened

We made it 1 year, 6 months, and 28 days before our first poop in the tub incident. Tonight also happened to be the night that we decided Nora needed every foam bath toy that we could find. 

Total hazmat situation. Allison’s sitting on the chair to her vanity when Nora crouches down and gets a little too quiet. She said something like “please don’t poop in the tub… We don’t know how to handle it.” I started showing Nora letters and numbers on the tub wall when Allison comes to play and immediately sees the floating turd. Bath is over. She scoops up Nora in one fell swoop and says “I deal with Nora…” And runs out of the room. Omg. Poop in a diaper, sure. Poop in the water, gross! 
Every toy is going in the dishwasher tonight for sure. 

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