Be Gone! Losing Baby Weight Together as a Couple

During my second pregnancy, we gained weight. We were tired, lazy, and busy. 3 weeks postpartum, we made the decision to lose that weight the healthy way. Losing baby weight is challenging but we felt for the sake of our health, we needed a change.  We didn’t talk about it much to anyone except for our families, but we joined Weight Watchers on August 9th (my 31st birthday) and set realistic goals of losing some extra weight slowly by dieting.

We chose Weught Watchers because their model is everything in moderation. You can use your points as you wish, and if you want ice cream for lunch, that just means vegetables for dinner. Plus they have a program specifically for nursing mothers.

Ya know what really adds up? Stealing bites from your kid’s lunch trays. With two kids under 2 I was hardly eating balanced meals. I was always looking for foods that I could eat on the run – pop tarts, meal replacing bars/drinks… plus we were still in the mindset of pregnancy eating, which was horrible high-calorie takeout for most dinners.
We tried exercise, but with our schedules and kids, we would have to go to the gym early early morning or after the kids went to bed. It happened like 3 times.  For years I was a yo-yo dieter. Before our wedding, I did any and every crash diet to lose weight fast. It always came right back.


Before today, we didn’t compare ourselves to our former bodies. We’ve noticed loose clothes and we’ve gotten the ‘you’ve lost weight’ comments, and we’ve seen the numbers go down.

This morning at our weigh in, we both clocked in at less than we did for our wedding, 4 years ago.

Do we follow the plan exactly? Not always. We have uncharted wine here and there. We’ve gone over our weekly ‘cheat’ points twice. We don’t weigh our food for exact measurements. Our theory is that once our weight loss slows or plateaus, we will follow the plan exactly.

We choose to have light breakfasts and lunches to eat heartier dinners. I am proud to say that we still get Chipotle regularly and have ice cream almost daily. Our burrito bowls look much different (no guac, very little or no rice, sour cream or cheese) and our ice cream is limited to half a cup or so, but we eat it.

Leaning on each other for support has been our greatest success. Especially at the grocery store. One person watches the babes while the other scans barcodes with their app looking for lower point dinner options.

We’ve said it dozens of times that we wish we took before pictures. We barely have pictures of us that aren’t skewed to be more flattering from the last 2 years. So maybe the comparison pictures aren’t the most flattering, but they are the truth. And the truth hurt. The before pictures were taken 2 days before we started our diet.

Three months to the day and nearly 50 pounds shed. This has definitely been a bonding experience for us as a couple and our outlook on food has changed completely. We used to make “extra” food to have leftovers, but we would end up eating most of the extra. Now our dinner sizes have been cut in half or so, and we still have plenty left over. As a lover of carbs, it’s unreal to say that I don’t miss pasta.

I still have a ways to go to get to my goal – which is close to my high school weight. Ryan may switch over his points goal tonight to maintaining weight rather than losing.

I’m not trying to gloat or brag. I’m freakin’ proud of our hard work!

Another 10 pounds and I’m going to buy jeans for the first time in about 8 years. Now that’s a scary thought.

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