My $5 DIY Splash Table

SplashTableSummer is here! So to kick it off right, Helen found some inspiration for DIY splash tables for kids and I decided to make my own quick & dirty version for Tyler.  I didn’t want to buy one from the store, because they are anywhere from $25-75.  So I decided to mostly use leftover materials I already had from prior projects.  My whole build took me just under an hour and cost me $5.  All I needed was a shallow plastic storage bin (which I got for $5 from Target), a 2″ x 4″, and wood screws to put the pieces together.  This is how I went about my personal build:

Step 1: I cut the 2″ x 4″ into four pieces to build a frame around the plastic bin, so that the bin could sink in and have the edges catch and rest on the wood frame.  For my bin, the wood frame dimensions came out to be approximately 24.25″ L x 18″ W.

Step 2: Then I had to determine the height I wanted the table to be.  For my 10 month old Tyler, I decided on 18″ high.  I cut four table legs to the desired length.  I secured two legs to each end with wood screws and my impact driver.  (see picture above).

Step 3: I sanded it down once to get rid of splintered wood and sanded the corners to round them off as well.

Step 4: I sprayed down the wood once with Thompson’s Water Sealer so that it could sit outside for the summer and not worry about the rain and the water splashing on it.

Voila! Fill up the bin with water and toys and your kid is ready to splash away with cool water.  Tyler loves it so far and we’re so glad we built it at the start of summer.

Again, I made this on the fly without much planning.  But, now that it’s done, I can definitely see how there could be multiple ways to take this thing to the next level and get super creative.  You could make the lines cleaner by having the legs not being screwed onto the outside, you could stain the stable whatever color you like, etc.  I’m sure you could add a bunch of little cool bells and whistles.  I just wanted something built fast so that Tyler could start playing right away before the summer slipped away.  And it was so easy that I probably will build him a new one next year and maybe go crazy with it the next time around.

Tyler is one happy customer.

Please share your own personal DIY splash table ideas or builds with us!  We’re always on the lookout for our next home DIY project!




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