My dilemma at 3am

Last night, in unison, our babies woke up. Nora hasn’t been waking up during the night in weeks, but something was bothering her and she woke up looking for snuggles at exactly 3:01am. Also at that minute, our newest addition, Sloane, woke up for a feeding. Since I can’t snuggle and breastfeed, Ryan went in to check on Nora. He was gone for over 20 minutes, and when he came back to our room to look at he video monitor, Nora was restless. Sloane was still eating, so Ryan gave it a few minutes before going back in to try and get her to sleep.

The poor guy has to be up in a couple hours to go to work. I’ll likely have an opportunity to take a nap at some point, so I’m not as worried about myself. But alas, he came back after another 20 minutes and said she might not fall asleep.  While I sit with Sloane tethered to my boob, I feel such guilt. Nora wants comfort, and I want to give it to her. Ryan needs sleep. He wakes up early with the dogs every morning so that I don’t have to, which is usually an hour or so before I wake up. Now with this disruption, I can’t help but think it should be me going in there. Unfortunately for him, I can’t be in both rooms at once.

I got Sloane to sleep again, got myself comfortable again (not that it matters, I can fall asleep sitting up lately), I lean over for a kiss and to turn off the light and Ryan’s playing on his phone. “It’s like 4am, go to sleep…” He tells me that he thinks he will be back in with Nora because she was laying in bed wide awake. Before I could respond, I fell asleep. The last thing I saw was the clock that read 4:12am. He told me he was up, watching the monitor to make sure Nora fell asleep until after 4:30.

Our sweet little girl is having a rough night, but daddy is going to have a rougher day at work. Sorry love, pack a redbull with your lunch.

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