Naptime Organization

When did it become ok for diaper bags and purses to live on the dining room table? Probably about 2 months ago at my house, and I’m so sick of it! It never looks clean, and pop-in visits are still a regular thing over here. I feel like everywhere I turn there is more furniture, except for one closet. It has totally become our junk closet. Random tools, paper towels, more reusable ikea bags than I’d like to admit, 37 tools to clean my floors… And a ton of wasted space.

I have a vision and apparently a death wish as I took both girls to Ikea whereimg_9236.jpg Ryan met me after work. Picked out a cube storage shelf. Everyone was going to get a cubby and then a few extras to put our stuff without a home.

By the time we got home, everyone ate, bathed, took out all the garbage and the diaper sausage (everyone with a diaper genie knows exactly what I mean), it was like 10:15. Ryan was in no position to start building a shelf and I was practically asleep by then.


This morning I came down and saw the dining room table mess and decided I don’t need his help! In the hour that Drew Carey told people to “come on down…” I was able to fix my problem from start to finish. Starting with opening and building the 75 pound shelf. Easy peasy! Seriously, we have a lot of Ikea furniture and have had a lot of silent treatment furniture building sessions. I won the Ikea lottery! I slide that baby over to its new home and I see such a pile of crap before me. I pulled everything out. Everything.

Pushed the cubby into place and put everything back into a better, organized place.

The optimist in me hopes this will stay nice for a long time. The realist knows it will be messed up in a week. So, Ryan, I know you’re reading this – if you mess up my beautiful shelf, I’ll kill you! Ps. Love you 🙂img_9237.jpg


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