Never Thought I’d Do It

Yes, at the age of 30, I want a minivan. This concept may be hard for some friends and family to understand, but I don’t care.  I want one.  I want the space, the sliding doors, the headphones for the kids.  I want all the luxuries that a minivan offers.  Will this happen? Hopefully soon!  We test drove a Toyota Sienna a couple weeks ago and I fell in love.  But, you know what it doesn’t have? A built in vacuum! You know what does? The Honda Odyssey.  Can I tell you how many times I’ve scooped handfuls of puffs, melts, and goldfish into parking lots since we did this test drive? Six.  Six times I have littered baby snacks onto the ground while trying to get my kids out of the cars.  I know, littering is bad, but my theory is – I’m feeding the birds!  This doesn’t even begin to cover the amount of crumbs, gravel, or smashed pop tart on my car floor.  Give me a minivan!

Oh wait… I’m 31.  Ugh! So, even better!  I have 2 kids in car seats and 2 dogs.  Weekend trips north to the cabin seem like such a chore that I almost don’t want to go (almost).

These chicks nailed it.  I would totally nap in a minivan… that is, if I ever got a second to nap.


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