No Sleep Nora 

18 months means no sleeping suddenly? Nora used to love bed time. We’ve been doing nightly baths, book reading, the occasional dance party, looking at pictures on our phones… You name it. Whatever kept her happy and tired. For the last month or so, it’s been a fight. We watch her on the video monitor throwing out every pacifier (yes, she gets like 20. Who cares?!) and every blanket out of the bed then silently standing in the crib waiting for one of us to go in. This seriously sucks so much. We’ve let her cry, we make her wait, but she goes in bed at 7:30 and by 9, it’s still happening. “Maybe you should move her bedtime back…” Duh! We tried that too. We moved her entire evening routine back for over a week. Dinner was at 6:30, bath at 7:30, bed around 8 or later…didn’t make a difference. It just screwed up our evening more than before. “Eliminate nap?” She’s down to one 2 hour nap mid-day. And if she doesn’t have that, look out.

There is no question that she’s tired. She’s exhausted. This kid loves to be outside. From 3:00 until dinner she went on 4 walks with daddy, played in both cars, watered the grass by the water table, threw the ball for the dogs. She should be pooped.

Right now, Ryan’s cradling Nora, I’m eating dinner on the couch alone and trying to figure out if I’m having contractions or gas pains. Happy Birthday to Ryan!

Nora, do us a favor….

Go the F**k to sleep!!!

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    There’s supposed to be a bad sleep regression at 18 months 🙁 So sorry! I’m hoping that she starts sleeping better again!

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