Set up as a new iPhone?

Last night, the unthinkable happened.  Allison was finishing up organizing something and I was taking Nora up for a bath.  We made a pit stop in our room, because she needed a quick Bubble Guppies fix and I didn’t mind the extra awake time with her.  Nora was watching, but was having way more fun running around keeping my phone from me.  I wrestle it away from her, and it was restarting?

It wasn’t restarting.  It was resetting.

I have no iIMG_6946dea what the hell just happened, but my phone was totally wiped clean.  Oh my god.  How is this even possible?! Is this a setting or is she some sort of technological genius?

Turns out, it’s a setting within the passcode settings.  ‘Erase Data’ deletes the entire phone after 10 failed passcode attempts, and is a setting required by my work to allow sensitive material to be sent to me.

So, those with phone obsessed toddlers – CHECK YOUR SETTINGS!  Luckily, I did a backup about 6 months ago, so I didn’t lose everything.  I now have a bi-weekly reminder to backup to iTunes.  We also store all of our pictures to Google Photos, so that wasn’t the worst thing.  Just really annoying and frustrating.

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