The girl who cried poop…

Potty training happened fast for us. 3 naked days after Thanksgiving and we were done, except for poops. We did our best to catch her and bring her to the potty, but we read that it takes a little time, so we weren’t worried. 

Suddenly last week, Nora knows what to do! Hallelujah! Except for the fact that for at least an hour, Nora announces that she has to go every few minutes and makes a run for the bathroom.  It’s always many many many false alarms before we get the successful poop. 

Today, before lunch Nora says it’s poop time. Of course, I follow suit and do the chase. After so many attempts, lunch interrupted at least 8 times, poor little Sloane was ready to nap and wanted to nurse. I held out as long as I could and decided Nora either doesn’t have to go, or she’s going to wait until she’s in a pull-up for nap. 

It had been like 2 hours since we started this little game soI sit down. Just as I start to nurse Sloane, within 15 seconds Nora comes running like a bat out of hell toward the bathroom. Great. 

Nora poop! It’s coming out!!

I was only 20 feet away but I couldn’t run to her fast enough. As I make it up to her, one boob out, one screaming baby in my arms I hear “oh noooo. Nora pooped.” 

With her pants only slightly down, we had quite the mess. All chances of nap are out the window.

Is it wine o’clock yet? 

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