Time to Prep

I haven’t even finished my morning coffee yet, but I know if I don’t eat lunch right now, I’ll be screwed until at least 3pm… maybe even dinner. It’s 11:40am and it’s also naptime.  My life right now is a dance between feeding the girls – my own and the ones I watch – feeding myself, letting the dogs out, simple chores around the house, and resting.  After all, I’m 36+ weeks pregnant.

So, as I scarf down leftover guacamole with a side of leftover pasta from 3 nights ago, I realize that this job is rough.  All those 9-5ers who have a scheduled lunch break, can use the bathroom without an audience, and have adult conversations regularly really have it easy.

One baby is one baby, but two is like twenty.  This is so true for me. Sitting on the couch while I eat made me become aware that I don’t feel ready.  Yes, the nursery is pretty.  Yes, we have diapers and clothes in place.  I just don’t feel ready.  I think my pre-baby to do list is a mile long, and I really don’t know when we’re going to tackle it.  My last paid day before she arrives is this week, so maybe I’ll have more time for nesting and organizing then.  Or maybe not.  We used to be able to get our lists done after Nora’s bedtime, after dinner, before our own bedtime.  There was a solid 2-3 hours to get stuff taken care of.  Now, by the time we finish eating and cleaning up our dinner, it’s pushing 9pm.  I’ve been falling asleep on the couch by 10, so that hour isn’t exactly when I want to start up a project.

Ok this is it.  I’m holding myself and Ryan accountable.  Right here, right now.  Within the week we will complete our list.

  1.  Put the new car seat in the car.
  2.  Organize the closet in the nursery
  3.  Open and figure out the co-sleeper that I had to have
  4.  Pack our hospital bag – or just write out the list of what’s coming with us
  5.  Arrange the plan for Nora when I go into labor, with a daily schedule.

This list has to get done before the baby arrives, so what’s the hold up? Nothing. Time to get to it.

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